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Too much, Liverpool former star almost crying after spicy hot wing challenge

He ended up drinking milk to stop massive spice in his mouth

By Mario Perez

Liverpool former striker Peter Crouch starred a shocking hot spicy wings challenge.
Liverpool former striker Peter Crouch starred a shocking hot spicy wings challenge.
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A Liverpool former star went under the spotlight in the last few hours by starring in shocking images where his off-field skills were tested with a spicy hot wing challenge, that made him go crying as a part of a collaboration with a popular brewing company.

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The retired player in question was the English former Liverpool striker Peter Crouch, who took this fiery challenge with the Chelsea former player Steve Sidwell during an episode of Crouch’s popular podcast, which showed the video of both retired players almost crying in that delicious but spicy challenge.

The challenge consisted of conquering a plate of wings so perilously spicy, where they were required to don protective gear and sign waivers acknowledging the risk of ‘possible loss of life’. This challenge was part of a collaboration with the brewing company BrewDog, and took place during Crouch’s program, usually having appearances, candid conversations and spectacular challenges like this.

In this sense, Crouch and Sidwell were wearing heavy-duty rubber gloves and protective eye masks, and they tasted three levels of spice with the challenge escalating quickly, as one of the levels faced went the retired players to almost crying.

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What happened to Crouch?

During the challenge, the English former Liverpool striker Peter Crouch took bravely the chance to taste the mega spicy level, which ended up forcing the Englishman to take a pint of milk while he said “my tongue’s gone”, and caused the laughs of the program’s production team components, while Sidwell, more composed tried to hide the discomfort in his mouth.

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