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Gareth Southgate labeled the fan’s treatment to Maguire as a joke and impacted

By Liam Styles

Gareth Southgate labeled the fan’s treatment to Maguire as a joke and impacted

The English coach defended the Manchester United player in press conference 

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English national team’s coach Gareth Southgate showed his annoyance with the football fans who booed and heckled Harry Maguire in the game played by England against Scotland in Hampden Park to commemorate the 150 year-old rivalry between both teams in football history.

The situation occurred at the 66th minute, after Harry Maguire scored an own goal sending to the net a pass from the right wing by the Scottish Liverpool full back Andy Robertson, which was immediately celebrated by the Scottish fans, who started to mock the Manchester United player.

The English manager Gareth Southgate wanted to talk about the event in the after game press conference, where he passionately defended Harry Maguire, saying: “It is a consequence of ridiculous treatment of him for a long period of time, frankly, and I think our fans recognised, that there might be a bit of heat from our own supporters but we are not going to have it from others getting into him.”

Southgate labeled the situation as a ridiculous joke

In this sense, the English coach said to consider the situation as ridiculous as Maguire has greatly shown his quality for the English team. “He has been an absolute stalwart for us in the second most successful English team for decades, he has been an absolutely key part of that”, explained Southgate, who confessed he felt really bad about the criticism created around Maguire. ”It is a joke. I have never known a player to be treated the way he is, not from the Scottish fans by our own commentators, pundits, whatever it is, they have created something that is beyond anything I have ever seen”, he explained.  

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