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They stole a World Cup, Argentina's reaction 37 years on from England match

Fans are still very hurt by the way this match happened a few years ago. 

By Liam Styles

Fans are still very hurt by the way this match happened a few years ago. 
Fans are still very hurt by the way this match happened a few years ago. 
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22 June is a date of infamy in World Cup history. It was the day that celebrated the cheating and lies to elevate a player who, while considered the best in history, had one of the cruelest actions for England fans, who still remember it as the biggest cheating that has been done against the English national team since its birth.

Diego Armando Maradona raised his arm to touch the ball past Peter Schilton, who from the start had claimed it was an infringement, but referee Ali Bennaceur ruled it valid, even though the entire Azteca Stadium had observed the fragrant handball on the pitch. That opened the door for 'Diego' to make one of the most unforgettable plays in the competition and score the so-called 'Goal of the Century'.

But that doesn't take away from the fact that the so-called 'Hand of God' is one of the misfortunes that have been praised throughout. The English have always claimed that they had the necessary conditions to win that game, especially with Gary Lineker as the tournament's leading scorer, who has always claimed that history could have been different if the blunder had been pointed out that has been hurting an entire nation for so many years.

There was even speculation that Maradona had apologised during a visit to England. But this version, published by The Sun newspaper, was modified several times, so the Argentinean had to rectify it, saying that he would never apologise for one of the happiest moments for the Argentinean national team, who would later become world champions by defeating Germany in the final in the Azteca Stadium in 1986.

What lies are the Argentinian press telling about Maradona?

Different media in Argentina have celebrated the date of 'The Hand of God' on their social networks. They reproduce the image saying that it is important for their football and that it will always be celebrated by an entire nation. Something similar to what happened with Lionel Messi in Qatar 2022, who speculation has said had refereeing help during all his matches with several penalty fouls that should not have been scored.


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