A huge gap, what Cristiano Ronaldo is doing while Messi arrives in the MLS.

By Liam Styles

A huge gap, what Cristiano Ronaldo is doing while Messi arrives in the MLS.

The Portuguese star seems to be in another world while the Argentinian is starting to forge an important path in the United States.

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Lionel Messi wants to conquer the United States. He accepted Inter Miami's option and will be in the MLS for the next few seasons. Although many saw him back at FC Barcelona, the reality is that he wants stability with his family and the best that the environment has to offer.

David Beckham moved his cards right and now he has the best player in the world. Plus he is the flamboyant world champion at Qatar 2022 where he strove for glory and beat Kylian Mbappe to the chance to be a two-time champion in the sport's top competition.

The figures remain unclear, and Messi has stated that there are things to be clarified about his future. But fans are already waiting for him in the state of Florida, although he can also be reproached for playing with the hearts of other fans in Catalonia who wanted to see him with them in the next Champions League.

Messi abandoned the idea of going to Saudi Arabia. And this could be because of what has recently happened to Cristiano Ronaldo. The Al-Nassr star was a sporting and commercial failure, and already wants to return to a major competition to prove he is still around, despite the results.

But while Messi was aware that his news would move the world, the Portuguese is presenting himself in another guise. One that has nothing to do with his future in football and that only feeds the mystery of what could happen in the next summer market.

What did Cristiano do while Messi was presented in the United States?

Cristiano Ronaldo presented his new brand of mineral water in the centre of Madrid. It has sparked madness for Real Madrid fans and has somewhat overshadowed the news that Lionel Messi is arriving with Inter Miami for the current MLS season.

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