He receives a message from Simeone and begins to shake with fear

By Liam Styles

He receives a message from Simeone and begins to shake with fear

The Brazilian striker from Wolverhampton, formerly of Atlético, talks to Relevo about his childhood, about why he distributes food to the most needy population.

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Matheus Cunha has been in the news in recent days for several reasons. On the one hand, for being the Premier's top dribbler with the Wolverhampton shirt, and on the other, because he took advantage of the break to distribute food and clothing in a favela in his city. The Brazilian tells in Relevo what his departure from Atletico was like after a season and a half and, with a melancholic tone, he remembers how special he felt in the red and white club, to which he hopes to return one day.

Without wasting any minute of the conversation, he interrupts his 3-year-old son, who learned Spanish in kindergarten in Madrid, and explains to him what his dreams are. Everyone told me that it would be a very good league for me because of my style of play, because of the speed and strength used, and that suits me very well. Now I feel very good and more prepared.

From a very young age I was always kicking a ball in my neighborhood, also with my father who played indoor soccer. We only had the possibility of playing in the street, I started in indoor football. When I was 11 years old I played in another city and spent many days sleeping there, at my grandmother's house. When I went to Arrecife, when I was barely thirteen, an agent wanted to take me to Curitiba, four hours by plane from home. My mother cried, she didn't understand it, but my dad told her it was my dream. They always asked me if he was happy and the answer was always yes, so they always supported me. They put their needs aside so I could fulfill mine.

A very simple boy who, the more good things he experiences in football, the more he tries to find his origins. I am beginning to understand that the important thing in life is to see your family happy and help people who need it. A boy who will always have a smile because I am living my childhood dream. With simplicity and humility in the foreground.

Social work in Brazil

It was a neighboring neighborhood to mine, every time I go on vacation I stop by there, I am from a humble area, although my father was a teacher and my mother worked in a hotel, I never had much, but I never needed anything. That's who I am today, I learned that the most important things are the simplest. Knowing that there are people so close to my house who have needs makes me help with no matter what, and I will continue to do so. When you post on social networks it seems that what you do is bigger, but it is something that I have always done and that for me is more important than football.

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