He was an Italy international, flop at City and would be banned from Switzerland.

By Liam Styles

He was an Italy international, flop at City and would be banned from Switzerland.

One of the most controversial players in soccer had another problem in his career.

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There are players who have a very neat career in professional soccer. Even though the temptations of fame and fortune can come to them easily, they continue on the path of doing well and trying to win championships with the most important teams on the planet.

But we also have these footballers who have been a total disaster both in their careers and in their private lives. The tabloids rejoice at their whims and tantrums, but they are destined to remain controversial throughout their careers.

Such is the case of Mario Balotelli. The Italian player, now 32 years old, has played for several teams. Starting with the team that has been doing it footballingly Inter Milan where he did not support the treatment of Jose Mourinho and went to the so-called nouveau riche at that time as was Manchester City.

There he had a strong altercation with Roberto Mancini and was sent back to Italy where he was with AC Milan for a year. His string of teams has Liverpool, Olympique Marseille, Brescia and even Adans Demirspor of Turkey.

Because Balotelli will be expelled from Switzerland?

F.C. Sion is his current team where the controversy has arisen. Balotelli went to a party disguised as the character Pikachu with team president Barthélémy Constantin to avoid being recognized. But one of the attendees took a picture of him and they got into a fistfight where the manager was also involved, receiving a punch in the face.  Now, it seems that the incident has cost Balotelli to leave the team and the fans burn his shirt in the stands.

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