He was going to break Messi record in the Champions League and is not a striker.

By Liam Styles

He was going to break Messi record in the Champions League and is not a striker.

An incredible statistic was set by a Manchester City player, shocking fans.

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Stories continue to be written about the UEFA Champions League final, which Manchester City beat Inter Milan by the narrowest of margins in Istanbul Turkey. The fans' joy has been almost overflowing in the streets around the Eitihad Stadium.

Images of the celebrations of players such as Jack Grealish and Erling Haaland have become iconic. Plus the excitement on the face of manager Joseph Guardiola as he claimed his second hat-trick in his incredible managerial career, which no one has ever done in history.

Historical statistics are also already being pulled out of this match. And one statistic has been quite revealing of a player who has just broken a record in his position and almost equalled one of the all-time greats of Europe's top competition: Lionel Messi.

The player who is no longer in Europe is being signed by MLS side Inter Miami in the next few days, with a historic contract that will give him the title of the highest paid player and the best commercial deal in the history of the sport.

Which player was going to break Messi's record?

It is John Stones who completed seven dribbles, one of the most in the history of a UEFA Champions League final. He is second only to Lionel Messi with 10 dribbles in the final against Juventus in 2015. What is impressive about this statistic is that Stones is a central defender so the credit is much greater.

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