Looking for a way out of Italy: Victor Osimhen's future could be at the Premier League? Here's all the details

Napoli's current striker might be looking for a way out

By Liam Styles

Napoli's current striker might be looking for a way out
Napoli's current striker might be looking for a way out
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For many, the Premier League is probably the most important league in the world. It is worth mentioning that one of the big businesses of the Premier League has been the broadcasting rights. It is very common to see different streaming apps offer all the Premier League matches, which has been very profitable for UK football. In view of this, it is very common to have even more benefits abroad

It is worth mentioning that there are some matches that are not broadcast in the UK due to the different restrictions that exist in the country. In the case of the United States, the laws regarding entertainment are much more flexible than in England. Faced with this, many fans are left without watching the games unless they go to the stadium, which by the way is becoming more and more expensive.

Without a doubt, it is a fact that for any football player, it is a dream to play in the Premier League, in any of the teams. One of the best-selling teams abroad is Manchester United. In recent years, the club has grown from a team to a brand. Something that would start from the time of David Beckham. Given this, it could be said that little by little, marketing in football would have started right here

At the same time, there are many footballers who, being in other teams, are used to having jerseys from other teams. In the case of Victor Osimhen, he is known as a striker who likes to collect jerseys. Furthermore, the controversy surrounding his future is still present and it seems that he is increasingly being linked with the Premier League. In light of this, the rumours have not ceased in recent months

Could Victor Osimhen make it to the Premier League?

After his Tik Tok controversy with Napoli, Victor Osimhen could be looking for options to leave the Italian team. According to The Mirror, Osimhen has Chelsea and Manchester United jerseys in his wardrobe which suggests that he is a fan of these teams. This, in one way or another, indirectly links it to the Premier League. Despite this, nothing is confirmed

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