Messi effect, the spectacular number of Inter Miami fans that beats the NFL

By Liam Styles

Messi effect, the spectacular number of Inter Miami fans that beats the NFL

What the Argentinean generates continues to be spectacular for those who want him to succeed anywhere.

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Lionel Messi is a global box office magnet. He just had a great game in Indonesia, where they were able to defeat the Australian national team 2-0 with an excellent performance by the Argentine crack, who has not lost the magic touch every time he can be on a playing field.

Inter Miami continues its work to create the necessary conditions for Messi to feel comfortable during his stay in the United States. In addition, David Beckham is reportedly convincing more players, whether or not they have been teammates of the South American in the past, to join the team.

But it is not only being a sensation in the field of soccer, but has moved on to other sports in North American territory. Messages welcoming Messi from professional teams such as the Miami Heat, who just lost the NBA Finals to the Denver Nuggets, have gone viral on social networks.

And the fans have not disappointed in the way they have welcomed the arrival of the world champion in Qatar 2022. Especially on social networks, where they are looking for the latest news on how the multiple Ballon d'Or winner, who is already considered the best in history, is doing.

How much did Inter Miami's social networks upload with Messi?

A count done by a prestigious website has pulled up the Instagram accounts with the most followers in the United States. In one weekend, Inter Miami already became the fifth place, with 8.1 million followers. The first place goes to NBA's Golden State Warrriors with 30 million and Lakers with 22.8 million in third place.

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