Neither Messi, nor Ronaldo; these are the idols of Trent Alexander-Arnold

By Liam Styles

Alexander- Arnold talked about his idols in football

Alexander- Arnold talked about his idols in football

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Lionel Messi and Crisitano Ronaldo are the great references of football in recent times. Both the Argentinian and the Portuguese have revolutionized the history of modern football and have set the foundations for football to become the sport it is today. For this reason, great things are expected for the next heirs of the sport and how much they can contribute just as Ronaldo and Messi did

Without a doubt, football has become a little different without the presence of these two players in the most important tournaments in the world. While Messi is in the United States, Cristiano Ronaldo shines in the Saudi Pro League with Al Nassr. Truth be told, since the arrival of both players in these leagues, the interest in consuming these leagues has been on the rise

In view of this, many television channels, depending on the country where you are, broadcast the home matches of both Al Nassr and Inter Miami. Furthermore, Apple TV has the MLS Season Pass where you can enjoy all the Miami matches. At the same time, many have these players as idols. Meanwhile, Trent Alexander-Arnold prefers other names.

These are Trent Alexander-Arnold Idols

It should be noted that Jurgen Klopp needed more players to strengthen the midfield and Alexander-Arnold is a player whose characteristics serve both defensively and offensively. For this reason, the player did not hesitate to choose players such as Steven Gerrard, John Stones and Andrea Pirlo, according to The Independent.

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