Pep Guardiola can’t stop talking about Chelsea, here’s his words

Pep Guardiola is still thinking about Chelsea's game

By Liam Styles

Pep Guardiola is still thinking about Chelsea's game
Pep Guardiola is still thinking about Chelsea's game
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Manchester City has become one of the most important teams in the Premier League in recent years. Pep Guardiola's team has been a highly criticised team but nowadays it is full of praise and one of the most responsible has been the players, but there is no hiding that the one who came to change things at the Etihad Stadium was Guardiola

One of the things that stand out about the Spaniard is the great quality he has to manage and above all make already established players even better. For many, the person largely responsible for making Lionel Messi what he is, was and will be is precisely him. It should be remembered that Pep was in charge of Barcelona and took care of many good things, such as making Barcelona, one of the most winning teams of all time

Despite having been at Manchester City for a couple of years, the process to return to the team in a team that fights for titles and championships was a long one. In addition, the coach has undoubtedly had bad luck with Chelsea since that time at Stamford Bridge that many claim was a total robbery of Chelsea. In 2009, the criticism of Guardiola was definitely not long in coming.

Now, as City's manager, Guardiola has not had the best of luck against Chelsea. It is worth mentioning that Chelsea beat them in the UEFA Champions League in 2021 and now, they were able to draw with the current champions when the Blues came home as victims. In the face of this, Pep Guardiola defended Chelsea and for many, he simply cannot stop talking about it

Pep Guardiola's words

These were Pep Guardiola's words about Chelsea

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