Pep Guardiola is angry, Bellingham annoys him

By Liam Styles

Pep Guardiola is angry, Bellingham annoys him

The football planet surrenders to the new figure of Real Madrid, but there is always room for second opinions and these now come from the Etihad.

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In Europe the qualifiers end, in the rest of the world they are amazed and at Real Madrid they are still wondering where their ceiling can be found. Jude Bellingham's performance against Napoli has been going around the world for hours, but one man has yet to join in with the praise and he has his own reasons. Pep Guardiola is very angry about what happened last night.

A jumping goal like Cristiano Ronaldo, Zinedine Zidane's own controls, long balls with the aim of a sniper and also an assist from the outside that could be signed by Luka Modric. Madrid wakes up seeing how the sums paid for Bellingham's signing could be more than short. At the Etihad they think that the train has passed forever.

The reality is that Guardiola still does not understand how a signing like Bellingham's could have escaped them. Manchester City did everything in their power, as Liverpool offered more money than Madrid and saw how the size of the Bernabéu was reflected in the man of the season. Pep was convinced that all this could have been reproduced without problems in the north of the United Kingdom.

Let's not forget that Bellingham acknowledged talks with Guardiola himself, but his destiny was clear. Pep feels that he was not able to convince the player to return to England as a failure. The project of the century in the Premier fell completely and that is why when he sees performances like this Wednesday's, there is a huge anger on his bench when he sees what he has lost.

Made to measure

It was ideal to play here, a Guardiola who undoubtedly fully regrets not being able to keep the great midfielder of the next decade acknowledges time and again to City's sheikhs. It is a loss for the skyblues who may never again set foot in a territory where Pep demands that this scenario never be repeated. There are regrets and fear thinking about 2024.

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