Premier League legend, United darling and would coach Marseille

By Liam Styles

Premier League legend, United darling and would coach Marseille

A controversial player wants to return to the eye of controversy in world football.

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Controversial players in the Premier League have had their ups and downs after leaving professional football. Spectacular goal scorers and fierce defenders have made their private and public lives the talk of tabloid media across England. And that has long been what these tabloids have fed on and they don't let up when one of these elements has a slip-up.

That player started off on the right foot at Manchester United. His goals and quality put him at the top of the rising stars on English soil. He was one of the big names who began to forge the Premier League legend and although he soon resigned from his national team due to poor results, he always played the role of Sir Alex Ferguson's darling.

But it all came to an end when he decided to assault a fan in the middle of a match in the mid-1990s. That action was part of the reason why he left England and even professional football. From that moment on he was considered one of the most aggressive players to have ever walked British soil and it gave him a reputation as a bad boy. And with it a million-dollar contract with a sports brand that made him even richer.

Now in his homeland France and away from England he is looking to return to professional football in an unimaginable way. He is still with this famous sports brand but his dream would be to manage in the English league in the next few years and for that I will put as a springboard a historical French player who is not going through a good moment for being overshadowed by Paris Saint-Germain, the new rich of the European lands.

England's bad boy who wants to manage in France.

Several media outlets have released reports that Éric Cantona could be the new coach of Olympique Marseille for next year. He was one of the strongest candidates to replace Igor Tudor and was competing with names such as Marcelion and Christopher Galtier, who has just left PSG after the failure to win the UEFA Champions League. Despite this, it seems that Robert Louis-Dreyfus stopped the Cantona issue in its tracks and prefers another more experienced coach.

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