They go viral, they uncover the menus of Barcelona legends

The culinary tastes of the Barça team from Luis Enrique's triplet, amazing

By Liam Styles

The culinary tastes of the Barça team from Luis Enrique's triplet, amazing
The culinary tastes of the Barça team from Luis Enrique's triplet, amazing
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In the 2014/15 season, FC Barcelona achieved a historic treble; LALIGA, Copa del Rey and Champions League. Under the orders of Luis Enrique, a team full of stars such as Lionel Messi, Andrés Iniesta, Neymar, Luis Suárez and Xavi Hernandez, won, among others, Barça's last major European title.

For example, what post United highlights by recovering an internal club document; the post-match menus that the players requested. A list that, in some cases, leaves you stunned. To begin with, we will point out the healthiest star, the Argentine Javier Mascherano. The defensive midfielder ate a pasta salad and two pieces of fruit. Gold medal in this section for him, closely followed by Ivan Rakitic, who was satisfied with two portions of sushi and seasonal fruit. Then down, the festival begins.

Nutrition is an increasingly treated and controlled aspect of football. However, the culés footballers indulged themselves after the games. In September 2014, the players' menu was leaked after a match against Malaga. The image has gone viral on social networks due to the curious mixes of some of the footballers.

The pizza was triumphing. Practically all of them gobbled up this Italian specialty, with small differences regarding the content. Messi, of 4 cheeses. Busquets, with ham, like Xavi Hernández, or Luis Suarez. Extra cheese for Neymar and Andres Iniesta. Oh, the man from La Mancha. A special mention must be made for the magician from Fuentealbilla, because he put on the boots and with a combination that leaves you KO. Not satisfied with the pizza, he also demanded a cold cuts sandwich. Two in one: mortadella and chorizo. We did not have control over this secret, the 8 gasoline was this. Who knows what kind of digestion Andres had, but wow, we're about to try his recipe for success. Small, but tough.

The menu of the Barça players in 2014

The Barça footballers took advantage of the menus after the games to be able to eat foods that they would not eat in their regular diet, such as pizzas, sandwiches or sushi. In addition, many of them accompany it with hearty desserts, such as Nutella sandwiches. The most talked about on social networks has been that of Andres Iniesta, due to the large amount of food that the man from La Mancha requested. Messi, Neymar or Suarez opt for pizzas, accompanied by a Caesar salad, in the case of 9, and with fruit for the Brazilian.

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