Touching, Grealish went wild, Haaland's incredible reaction in Champions League

By Liam Styles

Touching, Grealish went wild, Haaland's incredible reaction in Champions League

One was losing his head in celebration and the other had a detail that was unheard of at Manchester City. 

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Manchester City can already be considered the best team in Europe right now. Josep Guardiola's side were able to overcome heavy blows in the UEFA Champions League final to lift the title that gave them the treble they had been craving since the start of the season.

Several of City's players have taken to social media to express their great happiness. Others seem to have gone overboard in the way they have celebrated the trophy, but it is understandable because it is the first time the Manchester side have been able to hold the continent's top prize.

Jack Grealish has been a scandal on social media. He did not take off his playing shirt in the post-medal celebrations, and has been seen in an inconvenient state as they returned home to celebrate with their fans.

But the greatest demonstration of the effort City have made is in the gesture Erling Haaland made when he was able to hold the ultimate laurel of club football in his hands. A situation he had not demonstrated at his other clubs, even though he had won everything with them, but not a UEFA Champions League final.

How did Haaland react to City's triumph?

In an interview with BEIN Sports, Erling Haaland admitted that he had cried after a long time when he was presented with the Champions League trophy. He says he was very tired and very happy. As it was the first time for the club, they hope there will be many more in the future.

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