(VIDEO) Mohamed Salah was nearly attacked by pitch invaders during a match with Egypt in Sierra Leone

Mohamed Salah lived an uncomfortable moment

By Liam Styles

Mohamed Salah lived an uncomfortable moment
Mohamed Salah lived an uncomfortable moment
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Liverpool is one of the most important teams in the Premier League. Jurgen Klopp's team has had standout moments in football and is one of the best teams in Europe. Undoubtedly, since the arrival of the German, the team had a restructuring that made them change in every way. Faced with this, things began to improve and the team has even reached 3 Champions League finals since his arrival

One of Liverpool's great players since his arrival has been Mohamed Salah. What has stood out about Mohamed Salah over other players is that despite the fact that the Egyptian was already a well-known player in Europe, his level exploded with his arrival at Liverpool where he continues to give people something to talk about and where he has become one of the greatest idols of the Merseyside team

Because of this, talking about Salah in Liverpool is practically a religion, where millions of fans enjoy his game every weekend from Anfield and still others do so from afar. At the same time, Salah has always been active with his team and especially with his national team. Just as it happened in the 2018 World Cup in Russia where Egypt achieved its qualification after a couple of years of absence

It is worth mentioning that many fans can become hostile and that is precisely what happened to Salah today before a WC Qualifiers match against Sierra Leone

Salah was nearly attacked

It is worth mentioning that Mohamed Salah was almost assaulted by pitch invanders. The images have gone viral on social media and in other videos Salah can even be seen with a heavy security team. Here's the moment


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