While Ronaldo sells his water, what Messi's luxury private jet costs

By Liam Styles

While Ronaldo sells his water, what Messi's luxury private jet costs

The Argentinian player is already on holiday before arriving in the United States.

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Lionel Messi has said yes to David Beckham's offer to move to the United States and will become Inter Miami's new player in the next few days. He has to miss the date on which his contract with PSG expires and will be free to be unveiled by the American side.

He could have accepted the offer from Saudi Arabia and faced Cristiano Ronaldo in a nascent league that wants big stars in its ranks. But he was more seduced by the CONCACAF territory in order to open a new window of commercial opportunities.

Everyone is desperate to see Messi in his new jersey. But timing must be important as it is only until July 5 that a new player can register with Major League Soccer, and not before so as not to break the established rules.

In the meantime, the Argentinian star is taking a well-deserved holiday and flew to the city of Rosario in his luxurious private plane with his teammates and friends Ángel di María and Nicolás Otamendi. He is expected to arrive in the state of Florida at the end of the month to be formally presented.

How much does Messi's luxury plane cost?

Lionel Messi arrived at Argentine terraces in his luxurious private plane where family and friends were waiting to take him to the gated community Kentucky. His aircraft is known to cost around 15 million euros which is insignificant for the fortune the Qatar 2022 World Cup winner has amassed over the years.


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