While everyone was already anticipating Sir Jim Ratcliffe's arrival at United, this is the reality

It seems like Jim Rattclife would have to wait a little bit 

By Liam Styles

It seems like Jim Rattclife would have to wait a little bit 
It seems like Jim Rattclife would have to wait a little bit 
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Manchester United have not had the best season in their history. For many and according to national media, United had not had such a bad start to the season even before the arrival of Sir Alex Ferguson. In the face of this, the pressure is always present in the team and the fans let their players know that things are not being done well at Old Trafford.

Similarly, another constant criticism of the team is the way things are handled. It should be remembered that since 2005, the Glazer Family took over the club and since then they have had complicated times. Nevertheless, these bad times were camouflaged due to the fact that Alex Ferguson was still in charge of the sporting side of the team. After his departure, things have become more complicated

Furthermore, United have not found a steady path with any manager, which is a negative for the team. With the arrival of Erik ten Hag, United are betting on giving the opportunity to a coach who has a long-term project. With that said, it is hoped that things will get better for everyone. Even with the poor results, United have backed him

On the other hand, since the beginning of the year, it was said that United would be sold, having two main candidates: Sir Jim Ratcliffe and Sheikh Jassim. Despite the Qatari's insistence on taking United, it seems that The Glazers have accepted Ratcliffe's offer but only to take a 25% stake. Despite the fact that the media anticipated that Ratcliffe would already be working on Carrington, it seems that the reality is different

The deal would be delayed

According to national media such as Disco Mirror, Ratcliffe's deal for Manchester United's 25% stake would be delayed until early 2024. At the moment, nothing has been confirmed.


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