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A single request, Klopp addresses his fans after announcing his departure

By Mario Perez

A single request, Klopp addresses his fans after announcing his departure

These are the words of the still Reds coach towards all the team's loyal fans and he asks only one thing of them.

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Jürgen Klopp almost literally has the keys to the city. He was awarded the Freedom of Liverpool in November 2022. That says something about the seismic nature of the announcement that he will be leaving Liverpool at the conclusion of the current campaign. It also suggests that if Klopp wanted anything at all from supporters, he would get it in a heartbeat.

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But the one thing Klopp has asked of fans as he prepares to leave the club is the one thing they might not be prepared to give him. His request is typical of him, but it just may not be possible. "Nobody has to make the games now about me," said Klopp, as part of his official statement to the club. "Please don’t, if I can ask for that it would be really nice and we just support each other."

This is no surprise from the man who has admonished Anfield in the past for singing his song before the final whistle. Klopp and the Kop have reached an unsteady compromise, with the chant now reserved for the last few minutes of games. But it's hard to see how fans could possibly avoid making the rest of the season about Klopp. Almost all of the players will have plenty more chances to win silverware at Liverpool, but this is now the German's farewell campaign.

And nobody currently at the club has had as much of an impact as Klopp. Over eight-and-a-half years, he has transformed Liverpool back into a genuine behemoth, bringing every major trophy to Anfield. That at least means he won't be departing with an empty trophy cabinet, regardless of how this season concludes. His reputation as one of the greats has long since been secure.

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Klopp's request

Jürgen Klopp has made one request of Liverpool fans amid the announcement that he will leave at the end of the season. But he might not get what he wants. But fans will want the team to win everything this season, and win it for Klopp. Much like the chant, it might not be to the manager's taste, but it is simply an outpouring of the love and gratitude felt towards him.

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