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Gary Neville said Man City style is boring but Guardiola slammed him back

The Catalan manager responded to the Manchester United legend

By Mario Perez

Pep Guardiola hit back Gary Neville for labeling Manchester City as a 'boring' team.
Pep Guardiola hit back Gary Neville for labeling Manchester City as a 'boring' team.
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Manchester City’s manager Pep Guardiola surprised the media and the fans with a shocking message to Manchester United’s legend Gary Neville, who had previously slammed the Catalan coach due to the style of football shown by the Citizen in the season.

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In this sense, it would be worth remembering that Neville said last Tuesday he didn’t watch the Champions League game of the citizen against Copenhagen because he had gotten really bored with Manchester City’s style of football, which he labeled as unwatchable.

"To call City boring would be wrong, because the football they play is outstanding, but I actually thought they were boring – I found it difficult to watch them", explained the Manchester United retired right back.

The message given by Neville became a trend topic for Pep Guardiola in the previous hours ahead of the Citizen’s Premier League home game against Chelsea, when the Catalan manager hit back at Gary Neville with a surprising and shocking message.

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What did Guardiola say?

When asked about Neville’s words, Guardiola thanked Neville for “the compliment”, adding “people who watch football know how difficult this is. It looks easy but it’s difficult, it’s just unbelievable what we’ve done in these years, the good my players are and hopefully we can continue in that way”.

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