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Grealish style, the way Kelce emulated the City’s star to fest Super Bowl win

By Mario Perez

Grealish style, the way Kelce emulated the City’s star to fest Super Bowl win

The American player toasted his Super Bowl victory with his teammates and his girlfriend Taylor Swift

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Kansas City Chiefs player Travis Kelce lived a wonderful night after winning his third Super Bowl in the game where he faced San Francisco 49ers in Las Vegas, going to an incredible massive party with his teammates and his girlfriend, the singer Taylor Swift in ‘the Sin City’.

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Kelce followed the style set by the Manchester City winger Jack Grealish, who spent 72 hours on party after winning the Treble with the Citizen, but we don’t know if Kelce will be able to entirely follow the steps of the Englishman.

At the moment, Kelce and his team headed out to The Strip to party through the night after clinching back-to-back Super Bowls, and Taylor Swift joined them along with rapper Ice Spice, Blake Lively Ludacris according to the reports of the journal The Sun.

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Kelce and Taylor Swift were spot in a nightclub in Las Vegas

In this sense, Kelce and Taylor Swift were spotted in Las Vegas celebrating the Super Bowl title in a nightclub, as they were captured jumping up and down as they sung the Swift’s song lyric, 'You'll be the prince and I'll be the princess,' to one another. Kelce's teamamte Patrick Mahomes and his wife Brittany would have left the party around 3.30 am but Kelce and Swift would have continued the celebrations until dawn, eating chicken fingers and fries in the VIP section until 5.15 am, and we don’t know yet whether the party will still continue in the next few hours.

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