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He’s not that fat, the footy skill Eden Hazard showed against United's streamer

The Belgian retired player mocked back a streamer in a charity game

By Mario Perez

Eden Hazard showed brilliant skills in a charity game against a United's Twitch streamer.
Eden Hazard showed brilliant skills in a charity game against a United's Twitch streamer.
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Chelsea and Real Madrid former striker Eden Hazard surprised the media and the fans in the last few hours after he mocked back a streamer in a charity game, where the Belgian Premier League legend surprised with brilliant football skills.

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The Belgian star, who went under the spotlight in the last few days after revealing through One Obi Podcast he was putting on five pounds a year when he was at Real Madrid, was ridiculous after confessing that he loves beers more than training.

However, he could have the opportunity to hit his critics back during an event in the Middle East, where Hazard was spotted in Nike Air Force trainers instead of football boots on the pitch ahead of the charity fixture against streamers and some personalities.

During the event, Hazard faced the United's streamer Angry Ginge, and left an action that wasn’t unnoticed by the media, as the Belgian retired striker left the streamer for dead during the training, and the clip went viral in the social media.

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What did Hazard do on the pitch?

In the video shown by the social media users, Hazard appears receiving a chipped pass, after which he calmly rolled the ball past several challenges before slotting it into the net. The fans wrote about the fact, leaving messages as “How am I seeing Eden Hazard take on Angry Ginge in a footy match", "Not Hazard showing up in Qatar in a pair of Air Force and skinning influencers", or “He left Angry Ginge for dead" on their social media accounts.

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