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Liverpool’s Alexander-Arnold’s drama, the private menace he suffered for a year

The Scouser full back has lived one of the worst seasons in his career

By Mario Perez

Liverpool player Trent Alexander-Arnold revealed he has been stalked for a year by a female fan.
Liverpool player Trent Alexander-Arnold revealed he has been stalked for a year by a female fan.
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Liverpool’s full back Trent Alexander-Arnold is having a bad season with the Reds following several injuries during the campaign, which has avoided the Scouser to play regularly under Jürgen Klopp’s management and be important for the Merseyside team.

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However, as it was revealed in the pages of the English journal The Sun in the last few hours, he would be also facing a terrible season in his personal and private life, since he would have been living the menace of a female stalker during the campaign.

Following these sources, the player would have been experiencing this hound for a year, and the sex-crazed stalker appearance would have forced him to take major measures to put an end to the horrible situation.

According to the information given by The Sun, Trent Alexander-Arnold has already changed his mobile number, installed CCTV and alarms, and has his ost screened after being sent obscene letters and material, being also forced to hire a bodyguard and a private detective to help him in the case.

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The player was forced to change his habits

In this sense, Arnold would have been equally forced to change several of his personal and professional habits, as the woman would have even turned up at his house, Liverpool’s training ground or some of Trent’s favorite restaurants, which has made the player stop posting any of his movements on his social media.

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