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New clue? Jamie Carragher identified a new surprising coach to replace Klopp

The Liverpool legend mentioned a shocking manager to coach the Reds

By Mario Perez

Jamie Carragher identified a shocking new option to coach Liverpool.
Jamie Carragher identified a shocking new option to coach Liverpool.
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Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher surprised the media and the fans in the last few hours by mentioning his candidate to coach the Reds in the next season following the exit of Jürgen Klopp from the Merseyside institution.

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The German coach, who announced his departure from the club last month, would have caused a big controversy among Liverpool fans and football experts, who are currently arguing about the potential candidates to fill Klopp’s position in the team.

In this sense, it would be worth mentioning that the main candidate identified by the media and the fans has been the Bayer Leverkusen coach Xabi Alonso, who is completing a sensational season in Bundesliga and plays a great offensive football which is considered modern and attractive enough to replace Klopp’s style at Merseyside.

However, the Liverpool legendary defender and current football analyst Jamie Carragher spoke out on the matter in the last few hours and added a new and shocking name to the list of candidates for the position, mentioning a surprising coach that nobody would have considered for being the new Klopp at Anfield.

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Who’s the coach Carragher wants for Liverpool?

Speaking on RedmenTV Plus, the Scouser spoke about Benfica’s Roger Schmidt saying: “There’s the guy at Benfica that I’ve heard mentioned, Roger Schmidt. Who I think has got that link to the sort of Red Bull school…I think when people are mentioning him, it’s almost sort of the style is similar to Klopp’s style, so you think, ‘okay, would that be a good fit and would you have, to change that much?'”

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