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Shocking, the surprising £230 gift Ten Hag gave to the Newport manager

By Mario Perez

Shocking, the surprising £230 gift Ten Hag gave to the Newport manager

The manager surprised the Newport County’s coaching staff

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Manchester United’s coach Erik Ten Hag gave an unexpected gift after his team’s 2-4 win against Newport County in the Rodney Parade Stadium in the fourth round of the FA Cup, as the Dutchman surprised the rival manager, Graham Coughlan, with an expensive present at the end of the game.

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Coughlan, who confessed being a huge Manchester United fan in the previous days to the game facing his team against the Red Devils, congratulated his players for a really high level performance that surprised the visitors by leveling the scoreboard after having conceded two goals in the first half.

In this sense, while the Newport County manager was speaking pitchside to the media, Ten Hag approached him to greet him and shake his hand, an moment when the Dutchman profited to give him a bottle of 2013 Antinori Tignanello - which retails at £230 - which had been picked by Sir Alex Ferguson.

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The managers congratulated each other for the job done during the game

“We have a small gift for you”, said the Dutchman, who saw how his colleague jokingly responded with an hilarious “Brilliant. You know I don't drink wine, I drink Budweiser”, after which both managers congratulated each other for the great job done with their teams during the game, which ended favorably for Manchester United and allowed the Red Devils to advance to the fifth round of the FA Cup.

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