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The reason why David Beckham faces a shocking millionaire legal war with brands

The Manchester United’s icon is ready to defy several counterfeiters in the fashion market

By Liam Styles

David Beckham faces a legal war against counterfeiters of his personal fashion brand.
David Beckham faces a legal war against counterfeiters of his personal fashion brand.
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Manchester United legend David Beckham would have started a massive war against the counterfeiters in the fashion market, who would have been making him lose millionaire amounts of money in earnings due to the sale of flog fakes of David’s designer gear in the last few years.

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In this sense, it would be worth remembering that the Englishman is the owner of DB Ventures, which looks after his most lucrative deals as well as his fragrances, clothing and accessories, and would be looking for up to £1.58million in damages from each of the counterfeiters who have been selling imitations of the products.

In this sense, according to the English journal The Sun, the paperwork would show that the fakes are sold on several Internet sites such as Amazon, eBay, or Etsy by firms and individuals based in China or elsewhere in Asia.

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David to make value the standards of his personal brand

In this respect, the documents of the case would state that “the sale of unauthorized products bearing counterfeit and/or infringing copies of the DBV Marks poses a real threat to DBV’s brand. It also affects the sustainability of DBV’s business and to the individuals and companies who unwittingly purchase them”, which would be profited by David Beckham to make value the reputation and the quality standards of his personal brand.

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