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Wayne Rooney recalled dramatical this heated fight against Roy Keane at United

The players fought for a shocking and ridiculous reason when were teammates

By Mario Perez

Wayne Rooney recalled a heated fight he had with Roy Keane at Manchester United.
Wayne Rooney recalled a heated fight he had with Roy Keane at Manchester United.
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Manchester United legend Wayne Rooney went under the spotlight in the last few hours after making a shocking revelation about his time as a striker with the Red Devils, when he would have had a massive heated fight with the Irish midfielder Roy Keane due to a ridiculous reason.

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The Englishman, recently sacked from his job as a Birmingham City coach, recalled the incident with his former teammate and how he fumed him before leaving the Red Devils to join Celtic in 2005 after having fallen out with Sir Alex Ferguson.

The situation was revealed by Rooney in an exclusive interview he gave for Stick to Football podcast, when he remembered the incident admitting that he was watching TV with Roy Keane and suddenly they got immersed in a heated fight.

“Keane was watching rugby league, so I was sitting there – it was Newcastle away – and you had to go out of the room to get your food. I think it was my second or third game”, remembered Rooney, and added “'He's gone out, and I've changed it over to The X Factor – and I hid the remote. So, he's come back in, fuming. And we are sitting there, and the next thing I know he's got up and pulled the plug out of the TV. 'I don't even know if he knows, but about midnight, the club security knocked at my door, and asked for the remote. And I said, "I've no idea where it is!"

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What did Keane say to Rooney?

Keane said: 'I like my rugby league and there was a good game on, and I came back, and I knew the lads were up to no good, the usual, very immature these lads. 'And I was like, "where's the control" and of course, The X Factor was on. So anyway, I wouldn't say I stormed off, but Keane went to bed, knowing I had done it. The next morning, we went down for breakfast, and he came up to me and said, "Did you find these controls?" – and I was going to be polite to him but when he said that, I said, "go f*** yourself". We recovered after that!', revealed Rooney.

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