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A disgrace, what Liverpool did to one of their most beloved players.

By Liam Styles

A disgrace, what Liverpool did to one of their most beloved players.

The Reds player is going out the back door and Liverpool have done something that will not be forgotten.

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Jürgen Klopp has a score to settle with Liverpool fans. They failed to reach the UEFA Champions League and several players who made history with the club are leaving for good despite their historic footprint.

And with the failure to reach just the UEFA Europa League, some of these elements have to say goodbye in a sad way. One of the most high-profile cases is that of Roberto Firminho, who had magical moments with teammates Mohamed Salah and Sadio Mané a few years ago.

But these farewells go beyond just making them eligible for transfer. The forms also count and it is the case of some elements that gave everything with the red shirt and now will have as destination another team in the Premier League or another country.

This player gave everything for the institution, but they have done something that seems not to be forgotten. Maybe, in the future, the fans will reproach him, but for now, even Klopp has given the go-ahead to let him go and let him retire in another team.

The historic player who is leaving through the back door.

James Milner has made the decision to leave Liverpool for Brighton & Hove Albion for next season. Although Klopp wanted him to stay, the institution has not given the player the importance and he will only receive a cold farewell on their social media.

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