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After winning the Champions League, Manchester City is involved in this scandal

The Pep Guardiola's team could be in trouble again 

By Liam Styles

The Pep Guardiola's team could be in trouble again 
The Pep Guardiola's team could be in trouble again 
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Everybody at the Manchester City’s universe was extremely happy because of winning the treble this season, with the conquer of the Champions League as an important achievement in the Pep Guardiola’s management in the club, until the last few hours, when rumors of a possible scandal have come back to surround the club.

According to the British media, Manchester City have been accused of taking £30m disguished as sponsorship funding from a mystery individual based in Abu Dhabi. According to a 2020 UEFA report obtained by the makers of a YouTube film, the Manchester City players who won the treble this season could have take £15m payments from an Abu Dhabi-based individual in 2012 and 2013, sums that should have come from a club sponsor.

The UEFA’s financial control body has already declared that the payments could have arrived from UAE-owned telecoms firm Etisalat, considered by UEFA as disguised equity funding, alleging that the money in fact came from City’s Abu Dhabi-based owners, which clearly is against the UEFA rules.

Manchester City could be in trouble again

After having been found guilty of serious breaches of financial fair play regulation by UEFA between 2012 and 2016 and handed a two-year Champions League ban finally not completed for the club, the alleged payments for Manchester City could have been included in the 115 offenses charge made by the Premier League to the Citizen club and it seems that Manchester City could be in trouble with the football justice organisms again. 

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