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Barbaric, the amount of Manchester City spent to try to win Champions League.

By Liam Styles

Barbaric, the amount of Manchester City spent to try to win Champions League.

The sheikhs never refused to bend over backwards to get the most powerful team to play in the Champions League.

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Few teams can be as powerful as Manchester City. The Middle Eastern owners who came to immediate success in the Premier League knew that they had to spend a lot to compete with the big boys of European football and to be able to outdo them.

First, having a coach like Josep Guardiola has helped them understand that it's not just about overspending. Their sporting analysis leads them to look for the key players who can fit in with the big world stars that the sheikhs want to see in their team.

Despite this, many of the signings have been inexpensive in comparison to what they have delivered for the club. Erling Haaland, the Norwegian striker who has already surpassed all-time English league records, cost just $60 million in the deal they had with Borussia Dortmund.

One of the most expensive signings was Jack Grealish. The man who arrived from Aston Villa cost the sum of 100 million and has been one of the players who has not been as active. Despite that, he has earned Guardiola's trust in recent games, so it is expected that he could be in the starting line-up this weekend.

How much have City spent on signings?

In total, since his arrival at Manchester City, the owners have spent a total of €917 million to build the best squad on the continent. And they will have to reaffirm that in the UEFA Champions League final at the Atatürk Stadium when they take on Romelu Lukaku's Inter Milan.

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