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Crazy trade, the promising youngster that Chelsea would swap for Caicedo.

By Liam Styles

Crazy trade, the promising youngster that Chelsea would swap for Caicedo.

The Ecuadorian is wanted by Mauricio Pochettino and there is already the name for which they could make a change. 

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The changes in Chelsea's squad will come little by little. Mauricio Pochettino's side are looking to get back to the top after their monumental failure and the most expensive signings in their history. Real madness for fans who have had enough of this season's failures.

It is no surprise that, despite all the financial power the Blues have and the cheap transfer market, the board made decisions that deeply affected the players and led to the sacking of three coaches in less than six months. What they are looking for now is stability in the sporting arena.

And that is why the bet is on Pochettino, who has already presented to the top management a list of transferable players for the next Premier League season. Some names, such as N'Golo Kante and Christian Pulisic, had the potential to be historic, but they did not make the grade in the last few days at Stanford Bridge.

That's why they have their eye on Moises Caicedo. The Brighton & Hove Albion midfielder has caught the attention of half of Europe, but if Chelsea can make a smart move, he would come in a rather surprising way.

What would Chelsea give in return for Caicedo?

Chelsea are planning to take Moises Caicedo for a significant sum of money and, in addition, a promising player from the London club. Levi Cowill, who today is a central defender with a lot of potential, would be the one chosen by Pochettino to be able to negotiate the Ecuadorian and have him as soon as possible.

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