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For him, the player Xavi wants Arteta to steal for Arsenal.

By Liam Styles

For him, the player Xavi wants Arteta to steal for Arsenal.

The player has moved from team to team, and so far can presume to be in contention with two top coaches. 

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Arsenal are still suffering from the way they lost the Premier League lead. In the last few games they deflated spectacularly, allowing Manchester City to snatch the coveted trophy they have been waiting for for years.

Even so, the fans still have faith in Mikel Arteta, who has given them a spectacular season, despite the bitter pill. Now, they have to prepare themselves to be able to compete well in the UEFA Champions League, where they will once again rub shoulders with the big names in European football.

That's why the coaching staff is starting to analyse the summer transfer window for the Gunners. One that will undoubtedly have the added attraction of not having Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo, who have moved on to other frontiers for big money and stability in their lives.

One player is starting to become the object of desire for Arsenal and also FC Barcelona. He has been wandering from team to team and, despite being a last minute Bundesliga champion, his charter holder Manchester City do not have him in their plans, so they will listen to both offers.

Who is the player Xavi and Arteta want?

English newspaper The Sun has already revealed that Joao Cancelo is in Arsenal's sights. Despite Chelsea's attempts to sign him, Manchester City will only listen to offers from the Gunners and the Spanish side. The English side would have the upper hand, as Barcelona want to sign him for a much lower cost due to the wage bill.

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