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Grealish's incredible anecdote about his party with Días at Manchester City

By Liam Styles

The England player's celebrations continue to have some amazing stories.

The England player's celebrations continue to have some amazing stories.

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Jack Grealish has become the talk of the media after Manchester City's UEFA Champions League win over Inter Milan in Istanbul Turkey. The bizarre Englishman's boozy days have been captured all over social media, and there's no denying he's had a pretty good time.

The striker who is already with the England squad for the Euro 2024 qualifiers had three days of madness including a round trip to Ibiza in less than 24 hours. The incredible thing is that he never took off the shirt with which they defeated the Italians and won Europe's greatest championship.

Grealish even had to be asked for help from the training hotel to get him out because he couldn't stand up on his own. It took Kyle Walker to put him in a wheelchair and carry him to a taxi.

But the stories of the ropes that the player has had are not only of this moment that lives the team led by Josep Guardiola, but there are others that have been saved and that now come to light for the amusement of the fans.

The anecdote between Días and Grealish at City

At a press conference, Manchester City goalkeeper Ederson spoke about the background of Jack Grealish and his wild parties: "Grealish always takes advantage of his days off, nothing more than that. There are exceptions with team-mates like Rúben Dias but it didn't go well. Two shots and he threw it all away. And unbelievably it all ended up in Grealish's mum's handbag," he finished with a laugh.

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