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He charmed Guardiola and removed the spell to win the Champions League.

By Liam Styles

He charmed Guardiola and removed the spell to win the Champions League.

A curse was placed on the Spanish coach, but it was lifted to be the best in Europe.

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There are strange stories in world football that have been considered curses. The most famous is that of Benfica, who Bèla Guttman bewitched them for more than 50 years so that they could not win the UEFA Champions League and it has been fulfilled to this day.

Few knew that Josep Guardiola also had a major curse. And this one has just been released as Manchester City win the UEFA Champions League against Inter Milan in Istanbul, Turkey. Which means they are the best in Europe and, why not, the world in general.

In 2018 Guardiola lets one of the Citizens' historic greats go. Yaya Toure accused him of having a racial problem and so he left the English side immediately. This angered the so-called 'African shamans', who had not let the Spanish coach win a major title for more than five years.

The sorcerers cast all possible spells so that Guardiola could not star in any competition, and it was believed that his hat-trick with FC Barcelona had only been the genius of Lionel Messi and his magic with the ball.

How was the Guardiola curse lifted?

Dimitri Seluk, Toure's Turkish representative, confirmed the versions, but also said that both Yaya and the shamans had forgiven the tactician and, with that, he was able to lift the most important trophy on the continent. With this, he can shake off years of failures and wants to lead Manchester City to glory again.

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