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He found out that Gundogan is leaving, De Bruyne's decision to go with the German

By Liam Styles

He found out that Gundogan is leaving, De Bruyne's decision to go with the German

Manchester City's Belgian player's decision on joining Gundogan

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Iikay Gundogan has finally decided. The German player will not remain at Manchester City. The player has settled down and is already undergoing medical tests with FC Barcelona for next season after winning almost everything with the English team. Thus, Pep Guardiola loses his captain and it is surprising what Kevin De Bruyne is doing to accompany the player.


Kevin De Bruyne has established himself in an important way regarding his future after being crowned as European champion with the team after 7 years of trying to do it under Pep Guardiola. Now, the player's decision to continue at the club after the departure of one of his great friends, Iikay Gundogan, is surprising. Given this situation, it is surprising what the club is doing for next season.

It is no secret the great relationship between the Belgian and the German. Two of the players of the current squad who have spent more time together in the team after the player member of the German national team has decided to continue in another direction. Now, it is finally revealed what De Bruyne does after learning that his great friend will not remain at Manchester City.


What did Kevin De Bruyne do when he found out that Gundogan will not continue?

The Belgian midfielder has decided to follow Iikay Gundogan, but on the German's vacation. In a photo on Instagram, De Bruyne shared that he "found the captain," referring to the fact that the two are on vacation in what can be seen is a type of lake. In the image, they are also accompanied by Nathan Ake, another Manchester City player.

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