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He teamed up with CR7, was cut from United and could be sold to Serie A

By Liam Styles

He teamed up with CR7, was cut from United and could be sold to Serie A

The story of this controversial player could take a turn in the next few days. 

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The great talent of a player does not excuse him from doing wrong deeds in his personal life. There are players who are in the media spotlight, but not because of their football career but because of what they have done off the pitch.

The case of Mason Greenwood is still up in the air for Manchester United. Considered one of the Red Devils' youth team stars, he fell from grace when he was accused of assaulting his girlfriend in 2022.

He was even dropped from Erik ten Hag's squad at the time, but his contract, for which he would be earning more than £100,000 a week, cannot be broken and private investigations are ongoing to see if he can be cleared of responsibility.

Greenwood has not played an official game since 2022 and the situation is still very much in doubt for clubs looking to sign him. There is one team that could be interested in him, but even they will be taking into account the opinions of the men's and women's teams in order to sign him.

Can United's youth star bounce back?

Mason Greenwood is reportedly on AC Milan's radar for next season. Provided the charges against him by the Crown Prosecution Service are dropped and he is cleared of the assault charges. Ten Hag has been asked about Greenwood's situation, but has kept quiet and left the responsibility to the board and their statements.

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