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Historic mockery, the transfer that PSG stole from Chelsea

By Liam Styles

Historic mockery, the transfer that PSG stole from Chelsea

The Pochettino-led side had everything ready for the signing, but PSG turned up with their millions.

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The situation that has happened with Chelsea in the last few minutes is scandalous. Despite the fact that they are evaluating more players, one of these players has fallen through in a disastrous way. It can even be considered as a historical mockery what they have done to the club managed by Mauricio Pochettino.

The sporting planning for next year had been quite good. There is already a list of transferable players for the next tournament, and many of these names had already been European champions in this shirt. So their departure will be painful for the fans.

And above all, they must find the reinforcements that came at a better footballing moment. Criticism goes directly to players like Enzo Fernandez, for whom they paid more than 120 million euros and could not sustain a team that seemed to be dominant in the Premier League.

PSG have pulled off a masterstroke on Chelsea, and they went ahead in one of the most surprising news stories of recent times. More so because the Blues' management did not expect a player they already had secured to be 'stolen' in the most impressive way.

The midfielder PSG stole from Chelsea 

PSG officially announced the arrival of Manuel Ugarte, formerly a midfielder at Sporting FC. All this before the astonished eyes of Chelsea, who had been talking to the player for months and had already had successful negotiations to sell him to them. However, the French paid the 60 million termination clause in a single transaction and with that they got the talented Uruguayan.

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