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Pochettino smiles, the Blue legend returning to Chelsea to lift it up

Chelsea fans can’t believe this incredible return 

By Liam Styles

Chelsea fans can’t believe this incredible return 
Chelsea fans can’t believe this incredible return 
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The next Premier League is becoming an obsession for Chelsea fans in the last few hours, after their new coach Mauricio Pochettino remembered the historic legacy of the Blues by naming the team as “the best team in England”, as any English team but them has been able to conquer two Champion League trophies in the last 10 years.

In this sense, the ‘Blue fever’ has started to grow in London, getting the trust back as the new Chelsea project could be ready to lead the Premier League. However, the Chelsea owner Todd Boehly considers the club needs to be reorganized first, and with that goal in mind some changes are happening in the London institution these days.

One of those changes has gotten the Chelsea fans excited as it has meant the return of one of the most beloved Chelsea legends in the club history, as the ex Chelsea captain John Terry has been announced to be back to the club in order to help the institution to lift itself up.

The Chelsea legend will rejoin the club and add his experience

According to the Chelsea official announcement, the 42-year-old coach will return to Chelsea, to work on the club’s academy. In this sense, it is worth to say that Terry had already filled that position after a season as Aston Villa second coach in the Premier League. This time the legend’s return to the club would happen in a similar way, as Terry will arrive at Chelsea after terminating his contract with Leicester as a second coach of the team, who was relegated in the last Premier League

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