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Pochettino's warning to Guardiola after arriving at Chelsea

By Liam Styles

Chelsea fans are already excited about his coach decisions

Chelsea fans are already excited about his coach decisions

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The Argentinian coach Mauricio Pochettino started his first season at Chelsea's management. The coach arrived very early to Cobham Training Centre, greeting the Chelsea employees at the club’s offices and ready to put his boots back on to start his new challenge.

Under Pochettino’s management, the Blues are expected to be rebuild their team and be able to take Chelsea top the top of the Premier League again first, to conquer also Europe in the next few years, as the Chelsea fans were disappointed this season due to the non-qualification of the team for European competitions.

Pochettino surprised everyone with nice words about the institution in his first interview as a Chelsea manager for the club official channel. The Argentinian coach has expressed that it was easy to say yes to Chelsea and he has promised to work hard and present a team playing in a way the Chelsea fans can enjoy football.

An old rivalry returns to the Premier League

The Argentinian coach expressed his goals this season, among which it is included ending the Manchester City hegemony in the Premier League and beating Pep Guardiola as a manager. It is worth to say that Pep Guardiola is the coach whom Pochettino has faced the most in his career as a coach, with 20 games played against teams managed by the Catalan coach, an old rivalry we will see again at the Premier League next season.

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