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Rush, Pochettino will steal Klopp's dream midfielder and take him to Chelsea.

By Liam Styles

Rush, Pochettino will steal Klopp's dream midfielder and take him to Chelsea.

After Paris Saint-Germain did the same to him, the Argentine coach is going to convince a talented South American.

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Mauricio Pochettino is breaking several codes of honour after what happened this week with the signing Chelsea had negotiated to have him as one of their new talents. Paris Saint-Germain played dirty and stole a new star with a stratospheric amount of money for Sporting FC.

The signing of Manuel Ugarte was already secured for the Blues and Pochettino was rubbing his hands together to get him for pre-season. But the sheikhs of the French side gave more money and he was presented immediately, which provoked the anger of the London managers for the bad move.

That is why they are starting to play the same way and have already looked at a very talented player who plays in the Premier League. The South American was already on Liverpool's agenda and, according to different media reports, they had started negotiations to get him as soon as possible.

But Pochettino does not want to be played dirty again and will fight back in a big way, asking his board to make a spectacular cash swoop. Something like what happened with Enzo Fernandez in the winter transfer window, although the Argentinian's performance was not what was expected.

The element that Pochettino will snatch away from Klopp

Spanish newspaper As has reported that Moises Caicedo is the key player for Mauricio Pochettino and they want to have him as soon as possible with Chelsea. The player's fee is valued at 80 million euros, so they could once again open their wallet in a big way and take the 21-year-old Ecuadorian from Brighton & Hove Albion.


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