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Shameful, Manchester City fan's bad action against Lindelöf

By Liam Styles

Shameful, Manchester City fan's bad action against Lindelöf

The United player suffered an uncomfortable situation during the FA Cup final match.

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Manchester United failed to beat the favourites and lost 2-1 to Manchester City in the city derby. Erik ten Hag's side came close, but goals from Ilkay Gündogan sealed the game in favour of Josep Guardiola's side.

The game was pretty scrappy. Despite the result, the Red Devils stood up to the Citizens, even tying the game with a well-taken penalty from one of the best players of this season, Bruno Fernandes, who scored in front of goalkeeper Ederson.

But there were some details that did not go down well with the Old Trafford fans. Situations that annoyed many on and off the pitch. Nevertheless, it was a total party at Wembley Stadium at the end of 90 minutes when the Citizens lifted the coveted trophy.

Victor Lindelöf was one of the first-choice players at the Cathedral of Football yesterday, but he had to endure a very painful situation during the match. Something that should not be allowed in a Premier League that has the highest standards when it comes to security.

What happened to Lindelöf at Wembley?

In celebration of Bruno Fernandes' goal, Lindelöf was hit by an object in the eye and had to seek help from his teammates and club doctors. Although it was painful, the defender was able to continue the game without any problems.

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