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Spectacular, a fan's mile-long journey to see Casemiro at United

The love of Manchester United is too much in this passionate supporter. 

By Liam Styles

The love of Manchester United is too much in this passionate supporter. 
The love of Manchester United is too much in this passionate supporter. 
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It is very common for football fans to travel hundreds or thousands of kilometres to watch their team in other latitudes. Many reactions have gone viral from these supporters who are always travelling with the club they love and whether they win or lose, they will be there unconditionally and have unforgettable experiences in the places they visit.

Above all, Manchester United followers are known for never leaving them even when they go to unfamiliar territories. It is known that globalisation has made the Red Devils recognisable throughout Asia. In the mid-2000s the club did many friendly tours in countries like China, Japan or Indonesia. Attracting a lot of attention for players who were at the time at the institution like David Beckham who took all the spotlights and photographs.

This type of circumstance has meant that tours continue to be made so that those who support the Old Trafford team can get a closer look at them. A few days ago Alejandro Garnacho was able to take a selfie with a fan who took to the pitch in the friendly match between Argentina and Indonesia, which made the teenager happy to fulfil a dream with the United winger.

And so a story has emerged that reveals that love for an institution can be pretty great despite not being born in England. A heroic act that is going to appear in all the newspapers and that should attract the attention of the team coached by Erik ten Hag so that they can give him a reception he deserves for the physical effort that will surprise everyone.

What will this United fan do?

The story of Ochiroo, a Mongolian football player and Manchester United fan, has gone viral on social media. He intends to travel more than 9000 km by bike to get to Old Trafford and see the city of Manchester and the club he loves with all his heart. The incredible thing is that he estimates his estimated time to reach his destination to be next December when he will be able to watch the Red Devils on the famous Boxing Day.


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