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The curious Mexican name given to Foden's son

By Liam Styles

The curious Mexican name given to Foden's son

The nickname has even appeared on the English striker's social networks. 

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There has been a lot of fun in the Manchester City team in the last few hours. After winning the UEFA Champions League final against Inter Milan in Istanbul, Turkey, some players have been looking to get as much rest as possible in order to start pre-season work soon.

Perhaps the exception is Jack Grealish, who has been unable to stop partying and drinking most of the time. He even had to be wheeled out of the hotel where he was staying after returning from Ibiza, Spain.

A curious nickname has been making the rounds on social media about the son of England striker Phil Foden. After seeing some memes a curious word of Mexican origin is the one chosen to call this little boy and even his father is already calling him that.

'El wey' is the nickname given to the boy after seeing a funny picture with that word. Even in the latest instagram post of the England national team player he has tagged him with that word.

What does El Wey mean?

The word 'El Wey' is part of Mexican slang that often means friend. Such words have become famous as social networks such as Twitter and Facebook are going viral all the time, so it is likely that Foden has seen it that way.

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