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Unbelievable, Guardiola's reaction to Ederson's disastrous mistake

By Liam Styles

Unbelievable, Guardiola's reaction to Ederson's disastrous mistake

The City goalkeeper's nervousness could affect the outcome of the final.

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The UEFA Champions League final is underway. Manchester City want to win their third trophy this season and do not want Inter Milan to beat them in Istanbul, Turkey where there is already a full house at the Atätruk Olympic Stadium to enjoy the match.

The game is tied in the opening minutes, but things are not getting any easier for Josep Guardiola's side. The Spanish coach has pulled out all the stops and Erling Haaland is looking to make history as a top scorer in the history of Europe's top competition.

Ederson will have his first major international final. The Brazilian is fighting for the goalkeeping position with Allison Becker in the Brazilian national team and being champion of Europe would give him the weapons to be taken into account for the qualifiers for the next World Cup in 2026.

But doubts are beginning to appear on the pitch. An easy play sent him offside. And then he was too confident in trying to get the ball and it was stolen by the talented Argentine striker Lautaro Martinez, who was unable to take advantage of the mistake and score.

How did Guardiola react?

On the TV broadcast, after Ederson's mistake, Josep Guardiola was seen to be very angry about the situation of the South American, who could be the factor why Manchester City could fall and not have the coveted title and be crowned as the best team in the world right now.


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