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Was a West Ham fan, starred for Chelsea and was insulted by his father

By Liam Styles

Was a West Ham fan, starred for Chelsea and was insulted by his father

In one of the most bizarre anecdotes, the famous Blues captain had a falling out with his relatives.

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When you talk about Chelsea's recent history, you have to talk about John Terry. The Blues captain symbolises the Román Abrámovich era and recalls players with spirit and talent such as Frank Lampard and Didier Drogba, who were pivotal to the London club's first titles with Jose Mourinho as their manager and spiritual guide for some of his still loyal fans who remember him fondly.

Terry won 11 titles with the Blues and won a UEFA Champions League, as well as going to the World Cups in Germany 2006 and South Africa 2010 as captain of the England team. His achievements are counted as are his personal scandals, which cast a bit of a shadow over the end of his career. Most notably, that he had a love affair with the wife of team-mate Wayne Bridge.

The former centre-back wanted to move into coaching a few years ago and is now in the youth team at Stamford Bridge. He has tried to forget all his controversies on and off the pitch, but he will always be haunted by issues such as his out-of-wedlock fatherhood, his drunkenness and the dark past of his family, who still live in the London suburbs.

Indeed, Terry's last big controversy was when his father admitted to selling drugs at some point in his life, which almost landed him in jail at the most important moment of his footballing life. But in the end, everything has turned out well and they have tried to take the situation to a calmer and trouble-free ground so that no one messes with them, especially the scandalous magazines.

Why did his family insult Terry in the stands?

Of the most incredible anecdotes John Terry had with Chelsea was one involving his father at Stamford Bridge. The defender recalled: "My whole family are West Ham. In a game with Chelsea I scored a goal for them. When I was celebrating, I saw my father and uncle swearing at me from the stands". A lesson that colours are for life and that you can't betray it because someone can remind you of it.

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