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What Pochettino said about Lukaku that shocked everyone at Chelsea

Nobody among the fans expected this to happen

By Liam Styles

Nobody among the fans expected this to happen
Nobody among the fans expected this to happen
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The new Chelsea manager, the Argentine Mauricio Pochettino has already started to prepare the next season with the main goal of taking the institution back to the top of the Premier League and qualifying the team for the European competitions.


Last season was horrible for the Blues despite having spent a lot of money in new signings, who will be again on the spotlight, with the fans waiting for the best of them. However, there are some players who also would have a new chance to improve their level during this preseason to earn a place in the squad with the new manager, Mauricio Pochettino.

That is the case of the players who come back to the club after being on loan somewhere else, who will be training these days with Chelsea if the club and the the new coach decide to count on them. In this sense, in the last few hours, a controversial return has been on the Chelsea spotlight: Romelu Lukaku.


What is next for the player?

Lukaku spent last season at Inter Milan where he completed a decent campaign, having scored only 14 goals in 37 games played with Inter, not responding to the high expectations generated by a player who cost Chelsea 115 million in 2021.

In this sense, the player seemed destined to exit from Chelsea this season, but Mauricio Pochettino has surprised everyone among the fans, as he has included Lukaku among the players to start the preseason, leaving a door opened to the possible permanence of the player at Chelsea for next season.



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