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While Aubameyang smiles, this is what will happen to Lukaku at Chelsea

The player has been left in a difficult situation 

By Liam Styles

The player has been left in a difficult situation 
The player has been left in a difficult situation 
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Chelsea continues preparing for the next Premier League season with their coach Mauricio Pochettino designing the new club’s plans to take the institution back to its glory days. The Argentine coach hasn't received the arrival of any new big signings at the moment, but he has been able to count on Nkunku, signed since last season, and Angelo Gabriel, who was brilliant in his first game with the team against Wrexham.

Meanwhile, the Blues have sped up the sales of players who are considered transferable for the coach. In this sense, Chelsea has been able to sell most of them, but they have struggled to find a destination for Aubameyang and Lukaku, who in the last few days seem to follow very different paths.

Aubameyang recently got an agreement to leave the club and sign for Olympique de Marseille, a departure which meant a loss for the club, since the player finally left for free. In the last few hours, we have been able to see the Gabonese striker to smile again, something that could be harder to do for Lukaku, whose situation seems to be more and more dramatic everyday.

He could stay in Chelsea since nobody wants him

After having been courted by Inter Milan at the beginning of the summer transfer market window, Lukaku had pushed Chelsea to be sold to the Nerazzurri, who finally decided to turn down his transfer since Lukaku was linked also with Juventus and they felt betrayed by him. At this point, and having already rejected several offers from the Saudi Pro League to continue his career at Inter, Lukaku could not follow the same path as Aubameyang, since he seems to have been left in a limbo by all his possible destinations.


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