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While Grealish celebrates, Salah gets ready for next season

Big contrast between both Premier League superstars

By Liam Styles

Big contrast between both Premier League superstars
Big contrast between both Premier League superstars
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Manchester City's Champions League victory sparked wild celebrations among fans and players, and nobody celebrated the club's success more than Jack Grealish. The 27-year-old former Aston Villa player led an eternal party which took the team to Ibiza, Turkey and Manchester, with beers in the dressing room, an Ibiza all-nighter and a boozy open-top bus parade.

The Birmingham winger has completed a decent season under Pep Guardiola’s management, being used by the coach to draw defenders and win free-kicks rather than as a dribbling menace; and completing five goals and 11 assists in 50 appearances this campaign. However, his numbers in terms of goal contribution-one very 218 minutes-revive the debate around the correct balance between personal and professional life for an elite football player.


Meanwhile, a different work ethic has been seen in the last few days on the 31-year-old Liverpool player Mohamed Salah, who shares on his Instagram account how his dedication to the game goes accompanied by his obsession with working out, and if he’s not training with Liverpool, he's doing additional sessions of weight training, bodyweight work, plyometrics, yoga, swimming and stretching exercises, in addition to a special care of his diet.

The Salah’s secret to keep the balance

Of course, we should comment that even Salah has a whim to keep the balance in his healthy and restrictive diet. It is an Egyptian speciality called kushari, which is made from rice, macaroni and lentils and topped with spiced tomatoes, chickpeas and onions. The striker has even revealed that when he goes to Egypt, he calls a friend from the airport to buy kushari for them to eat in the car.

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