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While Guardiola donates his bonus, what Grealish has spent on his City party

By Liam Styles

While Guardiola donates his bonus, what Grealish has spent on his City party

What has happened to the England winger remains embarrassing to many and extraordinary to others.

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Jack Grealish is England's new bad boy. He has outdone the scandals of other English footballers and the partying he has done over Manchester City's victory over Inter Milan in the UEFA Champions League final could have negative consequences for him in the near future although this is not yet confirmed, as he continues to demonstrate his quality on the pitch.

Grealish has been an undisputed starter in recent games under Josep Guardiola, and could justify City's £100m-plus spending on his arrival from Aston Villa, being considered the highest-rated English player of recent years, ahead of even David Beckham and Wayen Rooney.This despite criticism from fans who were not convinced by the arrival of a player with so many personal problems in his private life.

But that has not erased the attacker's past, who has already had embarrassing photographs taken of him due to excessive drinking. The most famous was taken in Tenerife, Spain, totally drunk and lying on the floor unable to get up, which provoked outrage from some fans who called for him to be dropped from England's youth teams.

The situation seems to have got out of control in the celebration of Europe's greatest trophy. A trip to Ibiza express and being wheeled out of the training hotel led to Gareth Southgate not considering him for the Euro 2024 qualifiers in Germany and where they are on a winning streak that would almost secure their ticket for the next few games and, thinking that they would already have their players in better shape.

How much did Grealish spend on his City party?

Kevin Grealish, Jack's father, has told The Mirror newspaper that the bill he saw his son pick up at one of the clubs he visited to celebrate his UEFA Champions League triumph came to £47,000, an excessive outlay just for the alcohol the Englishman consumed over the weekend. Unimaginable for a professional player who wants to be at the top of the Premier League League and fighting to be in the England national team all the time in order to be part of the team that will go to the World Cup in 2026. 

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