Champion with Messi, Laporta doesn't want him and he could become a star in MLS

By Liam Styles

The midfielder who starred for Barcelona has several interesting offers on the horizon.

The midfielder who starred for Barcelona has several interesting offers on the horizon.

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Lionel Messi is a magnet of good things for the territory that gets him. When they were at FC Barcelona, new fans of the Spanish club were born. The same happened now when he was at PSG, where he may not have had his best spell, but his fans followed him wherever he played.

The announcement that the Argentine crack was leaving for MLS has been a revolution for football in the United States. They are already thinking about how to market everything he touches, and the deal he made for his future is one of the most lucrative in history, surpassing what Cristiano Ronaldo did in Saudi Arabia.

And, although he has yet to sign anything at all with the David Beckham-owned club, the resale is already at an all-time high. In addition to the fact that the new stadium to be built in Florida will be one of the most modern and with more facilities for fans from all over the world to see the South American star.

For now, the issue of who will surround Messi at Inter Miami is a fundamental part of the sporting project. Several of the team-mates he had in Catalonia have been mentioned, but one is approaching with real projections of staying, having been given an honourable sendoff in the last month.

The Barcelona team-mate who will go to the United States with Messi.

Sport newspaper has reported that Jordi Alba has already received an offer from Inter Miami to reunite with Lionel Messi in the MLS. His other options are to go to Inter Milan or Atletico Madrid in Europe, and two juicy offers from the Saudi Arabian league that would take him to the land where Cristiano Ronaldo plays.

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